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Mobile Billboards of North America and Advertising Terminology

Arcview: Mapping software used to operate MARG.

Audit: Transit advertising units must be verified for potential DEC. This service is performed by TAB (Traffic Audit Bureau) using the MARG system.

Brand train/Brand station: A commuter rail car or station that carries an exclusive advertising message for a single brand on all available advertising units.

Cancellation period: Time stipulated in a contract agreement for effecting contract termination.

Car card/Train card: An interior bus ad measuring 11"H x 28"W.

Circulation: The total number of people moving in any direction past a transit advertisement.

Copy: A pictorial design, background or message intended for display.

Coverage: The routing or placement of transit advertising messages on a network of locations.

DEC: (Daily Effective Circulation +18) The average total number of potential impressions identified for a single transit location in one day.

Diorama: Large back-illuminated advertising units for interior display. Dioramas are commonly found in airports and commuter rail stations.

Display period: The period of time when a transit campaign is exhibited, usually in weekly increments.


District showing: Transit advertising placed in an identified portion of a market instead of covering the entire market.

Embellishment: Any feature added to a transit structure such as cutout extensions, neon or plastic letters, clocks and electrical devices.

Fleet advertising: Media that utilizes space on the sides of commercial and private trucks and trailers for the purpose of advertising.

Frequency: The number of times during a campaign that an average individual is exposed to a transit message.

GPS: (Global Positioning System) A device used by transit companies to verify message circulation through the reporting of vehicular locations.

GRP: (Gross Rating Point) A measurement that represents the number of impression opportunities (without regard to audience duplication) expressed as a percentage of the population of a specific market. The GRP is normally quoted on a daily basis.

Headlight poster: A poster measuring 21"H x 44"W that is placed on the front of a bus.

Impact: Advertising awareness generated by a transit campaign.

Intensity: The size of a transit program or the extent to which an advertiser's message is displayed in a market.

King poster: An exterior bus poster measuring 30"H x 144"W. Super King panels measure 30"H x 240"W.

Kiosk: Three or four-sided freestanding advertising unit.


Length of Approach: Measured distance from which a transit advertisement is clearly visible.

Mandatory copy: Copy that is required by law to appear on the advertising of certain classifications of products.

MARG: The Mobile Advertising Report Generator was developed by the TAB to measure vehicular impressions generated by mobile advertising media.

Market: The term used to designate a given geographical or economic area.

Mobile Display: A trailer-mounted double-faced advertising panel that is transported to a location.

Pre-testing: The method used to determine the legibility of a transit advertising design prior to final production.

Proof of performance: Certification that transit advertising services have been delivered per a contract agreement. Advertising awareness generated by a transit campaign.

Queen poster: An exterior bus poster measurin,g 30"H x 88"W.

Reach: The total percentage of individuals in a market area that have been exposed to a transit program during a specified time period.

Short: Fleet advertising displayed on straight trucks with either a cab or van front and a cube back.

TAB: Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement is the independent auditing service that verifies traffic circulation and provides audited circulation of transit displays.

Tail Light Display: A poster measuring 21"H x 72"W that is placed on the back of a bus.

Taxi tops: An advertising message measuring 14"H x 48" W that is displayed on the top of a taxi.

Typical map: A map illustrating the general distribution of transit displays in a market.