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Mobile Billboards of North America (r) Announces Expansion Into Mobile Phone Advertising

February 16, 2010

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The mobile billboard advertising giant plans to extend into the latest digital advertising platform.

Glendale, CA (PRWEB) February 16, 2010 -- Mobile Billboards of North America today announced its plans to expand into mobile phone advertising. The company, along with private investors, has secured impressive funding to purchase exclusive mobile content and launch the new service that will improve customer experience on mobile phones and increase advertisers’ revenue.

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Mobile Billboards of North America will apply its expertise in advertising to create the new service due to launch in California at the end of 2010. A trusted name, the company has provided mobile billboard advertising services nationwide since 2003 and has dominated the industry with its inventive billboard truck advertising campaigns. The new expansion places Mobile Billboards of North America at a favorable position as one of the innovators shaping the development of the emerging mobile phone advertising industry.

Expected to undergo tremendous growth as a marketing medium during the next few years, mobile phone advertising allows advertisers to connect to a broad base of consumers via mobile phones, smartphones as well as all devices connected wirelessly. Mobile Billboards of North America will use the latest technology to deliver ad content through applications, games, and other useful tools like sports and weather alerts, without bothersome text messages.

With mobile phone advertising, Mobile Billboards of North America can enhance the user’s experience in a variety of ways. Individuals who agree to accept the targeted display advertisements can expect to receive exclusive up to date announcements pertaining to an area of interest. The mobile phone advertising services will minimize unnecessary expenses to the advertiser with the option to be turned on and off on-demand. This form of advertising reaches the potential customer any time—whether at work, home, or in transit.

Advertisers are increasingly discovering the advantages of mobile phone advertising. Not only can their message reach an expansive audience and help increase revenue opportunities, but they can be location-based as well. Local advertisements can significantly increase sales when delivered at key moments during the buying process.

Mobile Billboards of North America believes that mobile advertising works when ads are delivered directly to potential customers. The company’s success with mobile billboards stems from a strategic direct marketing plan that will also carry into the upcoming mobile phone advertising services. The expansion is slated for success, as it will utilize the same business model with a proven record of accomplishment that has kept the company on top so far.

“We feel that mobile advertising via wireless connections should be an integrated strategy, and by 2012, we feel that major advertising campaigns will have a mobile advertising plan integrated,” said Mr. David Guy, Director of Operations, North America. “Just as our mobile billboard advertising services have been a success, mobile advertising services on mobile phones and devices will be a hit, since they are targeted and eliminate unnecessary exposure.”

About Mobile Billboards of North America
Founded in 2003, Mobile Billboards of North America is a nationally recognized, non-traditional mobile advertising company. An advertising agent, the company’s primary goal is to deliver the client’s message to the PEOPLE. Services include Nationwide Mobile Billboards, 3D/Scrolling Units, Custom Solutions, and Brand Ambassadors—all strategically organized to make heads turn. With its upcoming expansion into the mobile phone advertising world, agency clients and advertisers will be able to find current services along with mobile phone advertising—all within the Mobile Billboards of North America®. For more information, please visit www.mobilebillboardsna.com.