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Selling Properties just got easier with Mobile Billboards of North America

June 12, 2007

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GLENDALE, Calif., June 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobile Billboards of North America of Datani Outdoor Advertising (http://www.mobilebillboardsna.com), a nationwide provider of Mobile Billboards, has been launching successful campaigns for residential developments throughout the greater Los Angeles area in the past year. Due to rave reviews and widespread demand, these novel advertising trucks are quickly becoming a trend in the advertising world!

New residential projects, often located in remote locations, have sought these trucks as a means to introduce themselves to potential buyers in distant cities or surrounding neighborhoods. With the rising cost and lack of availability of conventional billboards, advertisers have turned their attention to Mobile Billboards of North America trucks as an avenue to access clients. The Mobile Billboards of North America team provides units nationwide, so no matter where you are, they plan a campaign suitable for your target demographic and/or geographical preference.

"Although we have always catered to the needs of development projects, this year there is a noticeable spike in this business category. I recently had one of our clients report a terrific success story concerning our mobile billboards. This gentleman sold a personal record of 5 houses in one month, and increased his website traffic by two fold. The results are obvious and make sense to our clients, that's why our mobile units are a success and provide us with repeat clientele," said Kevin Bartanian, Senior Account Executive for Mobile Billboards of North America.

So how does this all work? You give one of their Account Executives a call, they gather information about your property, and in return prepare a plan that gets forwarded to you for approval. Mobile Billboards of North America trucks typically operate 8 to 10 hours per day, with units available in most cities across the country. If a stand by unit is not available upon request within a particular region, one can most likely be transferred from another nearby city. The size of the visually captivating ads are 10 x 22 feet on each side, and are driven by trained professional Mobile Billboards of North America agents.

The cost is usually less than $0.05 cents per thousand impressions, which is minimal compared to how much developers pay to advertise online or on the radio.

About Mobile Billboards of North America Mobile Billboards of North America is an integrated advertising firm that uses custom designed Mobile Billboards to deliver the clients message in a powerful form and restores the missing "WOW" reaction from today's consumers. The company offers custom-built mobile billboard trucks with a 10 x 22 foot Billboard space on each side. The trucks drive typically 8 hours per day in areas where a client's target audience lives, works, walks, plays, commutes, and vacations. The trucks are equipped with LIVE online based tracking systems, so that the client knows the precise campaign travel destination at all times. Mobile Billboards of North America works with the Census Bureau and other public and private data information providers to assist clients and partner agencies in locating their target audience.

Web site: http://www.mobilebillboardsna.com/