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Cartoon Networks partners with Mobile Billboards of North America

November 10, 2005

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Cartoon Networks markets to Universities & Colleges
with Mobile Billboards.

Mobile Billboards of North America begins a Nationwide Mobile Billboard
campaign for Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

BURBANK, CA – 11/10/05 – Mobile Billboards of North America, a company of Datani Outdoor Advertising (www.mobilebillboardsna.com), a nationwide provider of Mobile Billboards launched the campaign of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a Cartoon Network TV series

The Mobile Billboard along with it’s Citi Street Squad (street team) are going to be following a predesignated route that will be going to all major Universities and Colleges in Chicago, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, & Mississippi.

The Mobile Billboard is promoting the DVD release of Aqua Teen Hunger Force 4th season. The release of the DVD will be on 12/6/05, and will be available in DVD & UMD.

About Mobile Billboards of North America Mobile Billboards of North America is an integrated advertising firm that uses custom designed Mobile Billboards to deliver the clients message in a powerful form and restores the missing “WOW” reaction from today’s consumers. The company offers custom-built mobile billboard trucks with a 10 x 22 foot Billboard space on each side. The trucks drive typically 8 hours per day in areas where their clients target audience lives, works, walks, plays, commutes and vacations. The trucks are equipped with LIVE online based tracking systems, so that their clients know where their campaign is traveling at all times. Mobile Billboards of North America works with the Census Bureau and other public and private data information providers to assist clients and partner agencies in locating their target audience.

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