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Citi-Mobile becomes Mobile Billboards of North America!

March 28, 2011

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We are proud to announce that as of April 4, 2011, we will be changing our company name from Citi-Advertising, Inc. DBA Citi-Mobile to Mobile Billboards of North America. 

The name change is due to the significant expansion of our business activities, which now includes the acquisition of several smaller companies and a truly worldwide footprint.

The name change should also be perceived as an acknowledgment of the size, strength, and diversity of the entire company.


The company will continue to operate in its current structure and your contacts will remain un-changed. At the same time we will change all our e-mail addresses to firstname@MobileBillboardsNA.com to reflect and strengthen the Mobile Billboards of North America brand. The old e-mail addresses will continue to be operational in the meantime. Our web domain will permanently change to www.MobileBillboardsNA.com


All mentions of "Citi-Mobile" within our site content will be updated to state Mobile Billboards of North America.

We look forward to continually working with you on successful campaigns!

Mobile Billboards of North America
toll free: 866.518.0772