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The long anticipated launch of the updated Mobile Billboards of North America ® site has finally happened.

September 27, 2009

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Our new interactive website v.4
After months of planning and development, our new website has finally launched.  This hallmark event marks the 4th version of our interactive website since its inception.
The new version is not just an informational website, but rather a complete robust system with features such as client login, interactive gallery, visualization tool, impression report generator, coverage finder and much more!

Online campaign management system
For years we have sought ways to provide our clients with more effective ways to manage their campaigns.  These measures include the introduction of the first LIVE GPS tracking solution in 2001 and the more recent  online client login system.  This savvy online feature allows one to login and view/download images from the campaign, tracks the routes that the drivers are using, provides copies of the contract and much more! The entire system can break down to specific markets and specific units to better track and manage multiple unit campaigns. Another great feature of this tool is that a lot of the data is inputted by our field supervisors as they pick up the data from our drivers.  This minimizes any delays in  transferring the information to the client.

Client Gallery
Our new client gallery provides visitors and clients a chance to read about and review a few selected campaigns we have activated over the years.  The new interactive gallery was mainly designed to provide ideas of past work and excite some of the creative minds of our visitors.

Pictures are worth a thousand words...
Mock ups are important for agencies and for our clients to visualize what their units will look like.  We created this feature to allow visitors to upload their creative and see immediate results..  In addition, we provided the option for saving it on your computer and even printing.

Why is everyone choosing Mobile Billboards of North America®?
The top 4 reasons why companies, agencies and brokers choose Mobile Billboards of North America are as follows: quality of our service, unmatched inventory, excellent pricing, and our endless commitment to our clients. This simple formula has been the root of our company's success since conception. It also doesn't hurt that we are outdoor advertising fanatics and consistently push the envelope when it comes to non-traditional advertising mediums

Mobile Billboards Done Right.  mobilebillboardsna.com.