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Brand Ambassadors: Segway & Beach Advertising, Mobile Marketing, Street Teams & More

Selected groups of professionals, who study, learn and become an ambassador for your product or service. They engage and interact with the audience and create awareness for your brand. The ambassadors, along with our mobile billboards, create a lasting impression not to be forgotten.

Mobile Billboards of North America has introduced Brand Ambassadors to address the demands of our clients when it comes to distributing handouts or sampling goods that are activated while the Mobile Billboards of North America Billboards are on the streets. Perfect for event or beach advertising, Street Teams can help you expand your campaign by providing visitors with branded items or memorabilia that will help keep your company on their minds long after they have passed by your mobile ads.

Mobile Billboards of North America has a nationwide roster of promotional models, brand ambassadors, product specialists, greeters, samplers, guerilla/street teams, field market managers, touring staff, costume characters, demonstrators, bilingual staff and specialized talent. We are committed to selecting enthusiastic, attractive and energetic team leaders and members to serve as brand ambassadors for your products or services and add an extra spark to your campaign!

Not only can we handle staffing, but we can also handle the printing of your handouts or replication of your trackable CDs. We also provide exclusive products and other one-of-a-kind items that function to really capture your customer's attention and give your mobile marketing efforts much more impact.

Mobile Billboards of North America will also handle the logistics, distribution, field staffing, field staff training/management, contract management, daily review with staff, and customer comments management. We will also send you a weekly or daily detailed report (whichever is your preference) so that you know all of the details about how your campaign is progressing without having to make room in your schedule for lengthy meetings.

Running their own business rarely allows people the time that they need to promote themselves effectively. Mobile Billboards of North America Billboards are far more effective than other types of mobile ads such as Segway advertising. They're also more affordable than you think. Let Mobile Billboards of North America handle all of your advertising needs so you can devote your efforts to all of the new customers that your mobile billboard advertising campaign brings!

"Eric coordinated our event perfectly! The execution of our campaign was flawless. Thank you to your team for doing a great job with our mobile billboards and brand ambassadors."

-Rachel Oneil / Event Coordinator