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Medium Comparison

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages Disadvantages

  • Limited exposure: Over 40% won't use each week; no chance to see ad; used by "ready to buy" consumers who are new customers; repeat/current customers for a business rarely use directory when making a purchase.
  • Minimal consumer awareness: directory advertising creates no top-of-mind awareness (remember "ready to buy" consumers); requires other advertising media to create stand-outs in directory and drive demand for products.
  • Nothing but advertising and advertiser is placed next to all competitors.
  • Inconvenient: Big, inconvenient to store; generally not available outside home or office.
  • Inflexible: No copy changes for life of book.
  • Long lead times: Pre-publication lead time (15+ months).
  • Competition: Multiple directories in each market; internet, CD-ROM database products.

Yellow Pages and Mobile Billboards of North America

Yellow Pages place advertisers alongside direct competitors. Outdoor cuts through the clutter and strengthens an overall campaign by exclusively communicating your advertising message.

Usage of the Yellow Pages is limited and infrequent. Outdoor builds top of mind awareness by maintaining a constant presence in the market directing consumers to Yellow Pages ads.

Here are additional examples how outdoor can strengthen a Yellow Pages campaign:

  • Outdoor is continuous, increases repetition of message.
  • Outdoor provides the pre-sell to the Yellow Pages ads.
  • Outdoor's flexibility accommodates change to creative messages.
  • Outdoor creates top of mind awareness by exclusively communicating your message, not competing with multiple ads on the same page.