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Medium Comparison

Stationary Billboards

Mobile Billboards of North America:

  • Mobile Billboards of North America is a moving truck that carries a large advertisement and operates for the sole purpose of advertising, so therefore while it's moving it gets immediate attention.
  • Mobile Billboards of North America has a High ROI (return on investment).
  • The cost of Mobile Billboards of North America is lower than a Still Billboard, while the results have been proven to be higher.
  • You can track the success of the Mobile Billboards of North America with online GPS tracking system 24 hours per day.

Still Billboards

  • Still Billboards have to be on for a long period of time as it does not cause an immediate response. This is because people block the image of the billboard out or don't look up at buildings as often. The billboard has to be the size of a building to get attention, and this usually ends up costing too much money and decreases your ROI.
  • You can not track the performance of Still Billboards.