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Medium Comparison


Radio Disadvantages

  • No visual, no product demonstration ability.
  • Advertisers must buy deep (multiple stations and formats) to accumulate audience reach of over 50%, offsetting the cost effectiveness of radio if the target is a large, broad group of consumers.
  • Audience is encouraged to tune out, change the buttons, seek out "commercial-free music blocks."
  • Radio formats are becoming more homogenized, sounding the same from market to market and station to station. Many using satellite-delivered and syndicated programming with no local sound.
  • 90's trend with station ownership consolidation is to increase hourly spot loads; even if the audiences tune-out, push the buttons, they'll likely end up at another station owned by same group.
  • Peak listening is morning drive (6A - 10A); lowest listening levels are after 7 PM.

Radio and Outdoor

The combination of radio and outdoor epitomizes the near perfect marriage of media. Both radio and outdoor market to the mobile audience, but this ideal combination offers other balanced dimensions for connecting to the desired audience.

Radio is considered a frequency media because radio listeners tend to be loyal and only tune into couple of stations. In order to buy broad market reach with radio, an advertiser is forced to buy multiple stations. Outdoor increases the reach of a radio campaign by providing mass-market appeal to all radio listeners.

Additionally, outdoor re-enforces a radio campaign by providing the visual to accompany the radio message. Radio messages are vulnerable to being tuned out when listeners switch from station to station. Outdoor can't be tuned out. Consequently, including outdoor increases the frequency of the campaign by maintaining a constant presence.

Additional examples how outdoor can strengthen a radio campaign:

  • Sight/sound combination. Outdoor captures customers' attention; radio provides the details.
  • Outdoor reinforces radio message and creates top of mind awareness.
  • Outdoor provides geographic targeting.