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Other Mobile Billboard Companies

Mobile Billboards of North America:

  • We operate our own fleet.
  • All of our units are under USDOT regulations and we follow all federal & local safety policies & standards.
  • The Billboard operators are trained advertising agents, and not temporary truck operators.
  • Our company is dedicated to building long term relationships.
  • All of our units are washed once a week and 98% of our fleet are 2003 or newer.
  • We offer route planning, impression report generating, consulting, and general planning, which are all complimentary.
  • All prices are inclusive.
  • Mobile Billboards of North America is a pioneer in the industry.
  • Mobile Billboards of North America is a member of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.
  • Mobile Billboards of North America has a 100% customer satisfaction ratio.

Other mobile billboard companies

  • 70% of all Mobile Billboard companies online are brokers
  • They are trucking companies who happen to have old mobile billboard trucks.
  • Mobile billboard units are designed to benefit them and not the advertiser.
  • They are not USDOT certified.
  • They operate without permits.
  • They employ temporary employees, trained only as truckers not advertisers.
  • Trucks are poorly kept. (i.e., dents, rust, dirty, etc...)
  • The prices they provide are not inclusive. (i.e., per diem charges, etc...)

Note: There are US mobile billboard companies that exist , which Mobile Billboards of North America recognizes as qualified providers. To get a list, please contact a Mobile Billboards of North America Account Manager