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Medium Comparison


Internet Disadvantages

  • High-speed access is not widely available yet, limiting creative technology applications; great graphics, animation, video, etc. that are slow-loading and crash prone on current dial-up providers.
  • High response rates to advertising can tax customer service, inventory, shipping and other operational areas of the advertiser business.
  • Online users are increasing rapidly each month, however only 52% have online access at home in the U.S.
  • The perception of the "new, exciting," internet advertising is becoming more accepted and is also suffering declining awareness.
  • Limited frequency, there are hundreds of thousands of websites, but each surfer can only visit a few and re-visits even fewer.
  • Privacy concerns: See Tracking advantage; current consumer movement encouraging the opt-in feature to reduce junk e-mail and "Big Brother" data collecting.
  • Security concerns: Despite the secure server technology, horror stories of credit card numbers being hacked, stolen and published hold many consumers back from using credit cards online.
  • Time: Most home users are still stuck with 56K or slower dial-up speeds, making web browsing tedious and frustrating with graphics, video, audio, etc. Users move on quickly if advertiser information not worth the wait.

Internet and Outdoor

Interestingly, both the internet and outdoor market to similar audiences. Both media market to a younger, educated, affluent, and mobile audience. Outdoor extends the reach and frequency of a campaign when net users are off-line. The brevity of outdoors' copy is ideal for driving traffic to websites.