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FTP Login for Mobile Billboard Truck Artwork

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the easiest and most reliable method for customers to transfer files to Mobile Billboards of North America. Simply use an FTP client like Fetch, Transport on Mac OSX or FTP Voyager on a PC. FTP login requires a Username and Password*.

We strongly recommend using a compression utility like Stuffit  (MAC) or WinZip (PC) before sending your files. Compressing accomplishes a few things: First, the file size is reduced for faster upload. Second, the Internet has a tendency to corrupt files in transit, and using a compression utility puts a shell around the file, protecting it from corruption.
FTP Instructions

   1. Upload files via FTP client software:
   2. Open your Internet connection and launch your FTP client software.

    * Server: ftp.mobilebillboardsna.us
    * User ID: (Call for info)
    * Password: (Call for info)

*In order to receive a Username and Password for our FTP server, please contact your Account Executive.

Access the FTP Site. ( Quick Link to ftp.mobilebillboardsna.us )


Access Now!