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Q: How much ad space do I get?
A: Our Mobile Billboard fleet has two standard sizes. Our standard size is double sided 10' x 22' viewable ad space. The scrolling units have 10’x6’ on sides and 6’x6’ rear viewable ad spaces

Q: Is there a price difference between the different sizes of mobile billboards?
A: No, there are no price differences between our mobile ads.

Q: How much do Mobile Billboards cost?
A: Mobile billboard rates are all dependent on the number of days total that you would like to book and which cities you would like to cover. This is why all of our projects are custom quoted.

Q: How much time do I need to start a campaign?
A: There are two deadlines to keep in mind. The first one is to reserve your mobile marketing campaign dates. You should do this ASAP as we usually get booked 1 to 2 months in advance depending on the season. The other due date to remember is for artwork. We need 7 business days to schedule, print, and install your billboard on the truck. We do have rush services available for an additional cost.

Q: Can I choose my own hours?
A: Yes, you can choose your own mobile billboard advertising hours, as long as it is 8 consecutive hours in a day.

Q: How do I know my ad is running?
A: We take pictures throughout the campaign and we also have an online GPS tracking system that you can access at any time to track our Advertising Units.

Q: Can your company hold the billboards for us?
A: Yes, we can hold your vinyls for up to 2 years.

Q: What is covered with the daily cost?
A: Prices are inclusive. The daily cost includes the driver, gasoline and incidentals.

Q: What is CPM?
A: This is the advertising industry’s term for Cost per Thousand impressions. The (M) is the Roman numeral for thousand.

Q: Can you guys help with Impressions?
A: Yes, our statistical team can assist you with reports and stats to help plan your mobile advertising campaign accordingly.