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Nationwide Mobile Billboard Coverage

Our Playground: We operate our own units nationwide. The coverage map on the right, details the states we service. You can also use our city finder to view all of our serviced cities.

Are you interested in seeing what our mobile outdoor advertising campaigns can do for you and your business but are unsure if we cover the specific area that you wish to target? On this page, you can learn which cities around the country are covered by Mobile Billboards of North America's national mobile billboards.

To learn more about our areas of coverage, select a state from the drop-down menu located on the right side of your screen. Clicking on a state will provide a list of cities in which Mobile Billboards of North America operates its Mobile Billboards. Mobile Billboards of North America may not currently have a mobile billboard unit within each of the listed cities, but the list does represent all of the cities to which Mobile Billboards of North America currently travels. Included in the list is the population of the city (according to 2004 statistics) and where it currently ranks for Mobile Billboards of North America nationwide billboard advertising. Would you have guessed that Los Angeles mobile billboards and San Diego mobile billboards are the only top-ten-ranked locations in the state of California? How about that San Antonio and Houston mobile billboards are both more popular than Dallas mobile billboards? From Boston to Las Vegas, we provide you with the statistics that you need to make an informed decision on your advertising campaign plans.

Why is mobile advertising the right choice for your business? Unlike other forms of outdoor marketing, we are able to deliver your ads straight to your target audience. We carefully research which high-traffic areas will have the strongest impact and where your ads are most likely to attract the attention of potential customers. What is more likely to attract attention than a large moving billboard? Stationary billboards are easily ignored, especially by people who pass by them daily (also, not all areas permit them). Advertising on the sides of buses or trucks is too easily obscured by other traffic. Choose the advertising method that has been proven to attract the attention that you want for your business. Choose mobile advertising from Mobile Billboards of North America.